PMR provides the lowest life cycle cost compared to other roof types.
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Dow commissioned SmithGroup, a nationally recognized architectural and engineering firm, to perform an economic evaluation of cost considerations relative to PMR employing STYROFOAM™ Brand XPS Foam Insulation in conjunction with a high-quality fluid-applied waterproofing system.

The following building types were evaluated for three different geographic regions (Minneapolis, Phoenix and Atlanta):

  • Two-story government office building – gross roof area of 12,000 ft2
  • Three-story university lab – gross roof area of 14,000 ft2
  • Three-story hospital – gross roof area of 36,000 ft2

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White Paper – Protected Membrane Roof (PMR): Lowest Cost and Longest Life Roof (60KB PDF)

The following roof systems were included in the study:

Roof System
Anticipated Service Life 
1. Fully adhered 60-mil EPDM thermoset rubber membrane, on concrete roof deck 18 years
2. Built-up asphalt membrane on concrete roof deck, with gravel or slag surface 24 years
3. Hot rubberized asphalt PMR (with STYROFOAM™ Brand XPS Foam Insulation) on concrete deck 39 years
4a. Fully adhered 60-mil PVC thermoplastic membrane, on concrete roof deck 20 years
4b. Fully adhered 60-mil PVC thermoplastic membrane, on steel roof deck 20 years

The study revealed that the PMR system provides the lowest life cycle cost1 on a yearly basis (between 6 percent and 22 percent less) per square foot of the five roof systems evaluated. This was true for all three building types and all three geographic locations.

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1 Cost estimates assume 15% general conditions, overhead and profit, in addition to roof contractor's price. Pricing prepared utilizing Means Building Construction Cost Data as the primary information source, with some modifications as suggested by a reputable roofing contractor.