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Dow Building Solutions

Welcome to the Dow Building Solutions website. We offer insulation materials, adhesives and sealants which are designed to help construction professionals create energy efficient buildings across the range from residential to commercial.

You’ll find information on STYROFOAM™ blue extruded foamed polystyrene insulation, GREAT STUFF™ polyurethane foam sealant, INSTA-STIK™ polyurethane adhesives and a range of accessories.

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XENERGY™ a new generation XPS…

…with improved insulation performance...

…and a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than five.

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Thinking of an inverted flat roof?

Be sure your calculations aren’t just hot air.

Get help...get it right.

For support with U-value calculations for inverted flat roofs email us at or download our latest guide .

Please note:
Trade names of all XPS products are extended by the suffix “P”


XENERGY™ specified for the BSkyB's headquarters in London

Vicotria Gate Shopping Centre

Lea Victoria Gate Shopping Centre, Leeds

The Glebe

The Glebe, Chelsea, London


“Declaration of Performance” (DoP)