THERMAX™ Wall System

The THERMAX™ Wall System is an innovative way to achieve complete, long-term protection. Eliminating the need for batt insulation, gypsum and air/water resistive barrier, this three-in-one system enables architects, designers and contractors to achieve the highest standards in energy efficiency.

With three simple components – continuous insulation, allweather flashing and an insulating air barrier – you get one integrated system that insulates and seals more effectively for ultimate long-term thermal protection. It is a three-in-one systematic approach that provides you with the most efficient way to achieve continuous insulation for commercial construction. As codes become increasingly more demanding, designers are constantly challenged to find new ways to meet them. Dow’s THERMAX™ Wall System meets all applicable IBC and ASHRAE requirements using industry-proven products for greater results – saving you money and increasing profitability for your business.

System Components

Exterior Continuous Insulation

THERMAX XARMOR™ (ci) Exterior Insulation minimizes thermal shorts and moderates the temperature of the wall cavity, reducing the potential for dew point condensation, mold and mildew. An integral, durable acrylic-coated aluminum facer provides a drainage plane and water-resistive barrier, eliminating the extra step of installing a membrane or building wrap.

Air Barrier

STYROFOAM™ Brand SPF (CM Series) on the interior of the steel stud walls effectively blocks air infiltration by filling gaps, cracks and penetrations. The spray foam also provides additional insulation.

Flashing System

LIQUIDARMOR™ - CM Flashing and Sealant  is an innovative, patented liquid flashing solution designed to provide commercial buildings advanced moisture and air sealing protection. Sold exclusively with Dow’s integrated wall systems, LIQUIDARMOR™ - CM more easily seals tough areas like awkward corners and complex details further enhancing an innovative wall assembly.

WEATHERMATE™ Straight Flashing is a self-sealing, self-healing, fully adhering flashing used to help protect moisture from entering the building at critical areas.

Case Studies

Education & Recreation

Albany Leadership School for GirlsAlbany Leadership School for Girls
See details on an upstate New York school that is using energy-efficient Dow products from top to bottom.
carmelo_anthony_csCarmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center
The Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center at Syracuse University is a slam dunk for energy efficiency, thanks to the innovative THERMAX™ Wall System
Photo courtesy of Syracuse University
carl-albert-smCarl Albert State College
Carl Albert State College in Poteau, Oklahoma is using THERMAX™ Wall System to build their new science building.
concordiaConcordia University Pharmacy
See the 64,000 foot completed project using THERMAX™ Wall System.
kishsmKishwaukee College Student Center
Destined to be a hub for bustling campus life when it opens in the fall of 2012, the new Student Center at Kishwaukee College in Malta, Illinois, will be more than a student hangout. As one component of a campus-wide master plan to serve the needs of the community for the next 20 years, this single building may also have an historic place in the building community due to an exciting new wall construction method.
mahometsmMahomet Public Library
After learning about the THERMAX™ Wall System, the architects for the Mahomet Public Library decided that it's never too late to turn a new page.
norfolk smNorfolk High School
Norfolk High School is just one of several educational facilities across the United States beginning the fall 2010 school season with the three-in-one THERMAX™ Wall System within its walls. This project is being finalized.
rasmussens smRasmussen College – Wausau
Energy savings, air barrier qualities, moisture management and aesthetics – Wausau-based Ghidorzi Companies gets "extra credit".
robertcobbsmRobert Cobb Middle School
Robert Cobb Middle School is at the head of the class for energy efficiency.
Sargent Junior and Senior High School
With its new, energy-efficient building, historic Sargent High School is starting a new chapter for the next generation of students.This project is being finalized.
trinitysmTrinity Christian School
It's fitting that fast-growing Trinity Christian School applied lessons learned from its existing building when it embarked on a new expansion.

Government & Military

farmingtonsmHall of Ideas
The new addition to Farmington Hills City Hall is truly a hall of ideas.
orlandOrland Park Fire Protection District
The new addition to the existing administration building and fire station.

Health Care

bedfordsmBedford Medical Park
Featuring Dow products from foundation to roof.
mcfarlandsmMcFarland Clinic
As central Iowa's largest physician-owned multi-specialty clinic, McFarland Clinic knows all about achieving efficiency at every level. This project is being finalized.
pinecreatsmPinecrest Farms Adult Foster Care
Energy-efficient upgrades to Pinecrest Adult Foster Care will allow the facility to comfortably serve its clients for many more years to come.
cherrysmSt. Anns Cherry Ridge Nursing Facility
Skilled nursing facility plus kitchen expansion in Rochester, New York. Residential veneer to blend into the established community. High thermal performance and air sealing incorporated into building.
ironsmSt. Anns Nursing Facility, Irondequoit
Skilled nursing facility plus in Irondequoit (Rochester) NY. This facility replaces the existing tower of skilled nursing. Three floors of the existing building fit into 1 of the four wings of the new building. Think about the increase in efficiency from a labor perspective alone (no elevator riding to cover your patients), not to mention the top-of-the-line technology and new rooms.
longtermsmTotal Longterm Care Corporate Center
The new Total Longterm Care headquarters is projected to be a model of sustainability in part due to its energy-efficient insulation system.
gerstackerthumbMidMichigan Health Gerstacker Building THERMAX™ Wall System helped the medical center exceed energy efficiency qualification for LEED certification by 38%, allowing for the Gerstacker Building to be the first MidMichigan Health building to become LEED certified.


smhospitalityHoliday Inn of Midland, Mich.
A Michigan-shaped indoor pool and spa may be pretty cool, but it's not the most exciting feature of a new Holiday Inn.
makingsmThe H Hotel
The H Hotel is the site of the first exterior use of THERMAX™ (ci) Exterior Insulation.

Multi-Use & Office

Latitude_45_211-Story Student Apartment Complex
Building in Minnesota winters comes with challenges. In this project, Doran Construction chose Thermax Wall System to protect the building envelop in harsh weather conditions.
smapproach735 Forest
Michigan-based Mosher, Dolan, Cataldo & Kelly Commercial took a different approach to steel stud wall construction with the first THERMAX™ Wall System.
ieutersmIeuter Insurance Group
When the Ieuter Insurance Group began planning a new 16,000-square-foot, two-story office building in downtown Midland, Michigan, it didn't take much convincing.
nissan-smGunn Nissan Dealership
Gunn Nissan Dealership in San Antonio, Texas built the new building using THERMAX™ Wall System.
hagerty-smHagerty Insurance
Hagerty Insurance has chosen THERMAX™ Wall System for their new building in Traverse City, Michigan.
sergentos-smSargento Foods Inc.
Sargento Foods Incorporated is using THERMAX™ Wall System for their new corporate expansion.
Total LongtermTotal Longterm Care Corporate Office
The new Total Longterm Care headquarters is projected to be a model of sustainability in part due to its energy-efficient insulation system.


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