DOW™-Knight Wall System

DOW™-KNIGHT CI-SYSTEM provides a complete rain screen solution for architects and designers, offering maximum energy efficiency and excellent moisture management. The system integrates Knight Walls’ Ci-Girt Framing System with THERMAX™ Wall System, from Dow Building Solutions, to deliver continuous insulation (ci) across all structural members, while reducing thermal bridging to isolated fasteners and service openings.

DOW™-KNIGHT CI-System  was developed to address one of the biggest challenges architects face today in dealing with ci – and thick insulation in particular – enabling the attachment of cladding without creating a thermal bridge in the assembly, providing true continuous insulation. This results in a high-performance, energy-efficient building that meets all applicable building codes and standards.

System Components

Rain Screen Framing System

CI-GIRT™ is an all-in-one cladding attachment, support and rain screen cavity system that lets you install virtually any type of cladding over exterior-insulated wall assemblies without thermal bridging. Its unique design acts as a brace, working with the rigid insulation and fasteners for wind and cladding load resistance without sacrificing thermal efficiency.

Continuous Insulation

THERMAX XARMOR™ (ci) Exterior Insulation moderates the temperature of the wall cavity, reducing the potential for dew point condensation, mold and mildew. An integral, durable acrylic-coated aluminum facer provides a drainage plane and water-resistive barrier, eliminating the extra step of installing a membrane or building wrap.


WEATHERMATE™ Straight Flashing helps protect the wall assembly from moisture entry at windows, doors and other thru-wall penetrations, including between sheathing joints. Dow’s butyl-based flashing products are engineered for outstanding adhesion, and maximum quality and performance over a wide temperature range.

Air Barrier

Applying closed-cell STYROFOAM™ Brand SPF (CM Series) on the interior of the steel stud walls effectively blocks air infiltration by filling gaps, cracks and penetrations. The spray foam also provides additional insulation.

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