FROTH-PAK™ Foam Insulation

A two-component, quick-cure polyurethane foam.

Used In

  • Filling cavities, penetrations, cracks and expansion joints for insulation and air sealing
  • For a wide range of industrial, commercial, institutional and residential applications in the United States

Product Advantages

  • Class-A rating (flame spread of 25 or less)
  • Chemically cured foam significantly reduces curing time
  • Dispenses, expands and becomes tack-free in seconds
  • Skins over in 30-40 seconds and completely cures in minutes
  • Available in refillable cylinders or disposable kits

Typical Physical Properties

These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications.

FROTH-PAK™ Foam Insulation

FROTH-PAK™ Foam Insulation Kits
Product Theoretical Yield*, board feet at 1" thick
FROTH-PAK™ 210 210
FROTH-PAK™ 650 650


FROTH-PAK™ Foam Insulation Refillable Cylinders
Product Theoretical Yield*, board feet at 1" thick
FROTH-PAK™ 17 2,150
FROTH-PAK™ 27 3,480
FROTH-PAK™ 60 7,160
FROTH-PAK™ 120 16,110
FROTH-PAK™ 350 45,820


Thickness (inches) Aged R-Value (ASTM C518, F.ft2.h/Btu)
1.0" 6.0
2.0" 12.2

* The theoretical yield has become an industry standard for identifying certain sizes of two-component kits. Theoretical yield calculations are performed in laboratory conditions, without taking into account the loss of blowing agent or the variations in application methods and types.
R-value per inch: ft x h x °F/Btu; aged 180 days at 75°F.



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